Why Belize?

The Forgotten Foods welcomes you to The Exotic Adventure Wellness Journey … a name that speaks for itself.  We invite you to join us in experiencing the beauty and excitement of BELIZE. As many of you know we are no longer offering the celebrated Veggie Wellness Cruises.  These were wonderful cruises with the focus on wellness… but were not eco-friendly to the seas and coral reefs of the world.  However, we have shifted our focus to responsible eco-adventure wellness tourism offering eco-friendly land excursions.  We welcome you to our home and back yard paradise here in southern Belize.  In August 2012, we moved and expanded our wellness ministry to Belize, Central America.  Here we experience the true meaning of responsible travel in the part of the country that offers the planet’s largest living barrier reef and the best of nature that this planet has to offer.

BelizeThere’s a reason why the Belize experience is unparalleled as a premiere world destination. Belize, natures best kept secret, offers an intoxicating fusion of Central America’s jungles and beaches of the Caribbean. This is the ultimate in private escapes. Be prepared to encounter the lush plant and exotic animal life from jaguars, monkeys, toucans to manatee’s and crocodiles. You can experience wild adventure treks in the tropical rainforest or subterranean caves or river tubing through caverns, jungle zip lining, river cruises, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, barrier reef ocean adventures, canoeing, kayaking or Mayan village visits. Imagine the mysticism of lost legendary ancient Maya Pyramids and sacred temples or private Mayan guided tours. And of course you have the option to just rest on one of many tranquil beaches. The list is endless.

However, our ultimate purpose here is to build a wholistic wellness resort. It will be here, you can experience all of the above…plus gifted practitioners in the healing, intuitive and relaxation arts and sciences? Working within this powerful energy field, our healers will change lives with their holistic healing talents. People who come for the healing from these healers will soon become walking testimonials to Gods transformational healing power. Our healers will be hand picked and singularly unique… and so is this Exotic Adventure Wellness Journey. Likewise, our premier chefs create fresh organic culinary delights that also add to your healing experience and permanent memory.

This is your Transformational Wellness Retreat where we take you into the arms of Mother Nature to be nurtured and renewed and visually stimulated but also cared for in a way that also renews and rejuvenates every aspect of your being. It’s what people really desire when they go away to be RENEWED! The Forgotten Foods Exotic Adventure Wellness Journey… coming to you soon! Wellness that must be experienced to be believed… but once experienced, NEVER FORGOTTEN.

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