Photo Gallery

Enjoy our photo gallery. See some of the fun and adventure to be had in beautiful Belize!!!

Belize Adventures

[img src=]6321
a beautiful day for sailing
[img src=]5560
kayah enjoying the cool breeze
[img src=]4610
sailing to lime caye
[img src=]4520
kayah with captain meechial
[img src=]4240
baratunde the sailor
[img src=]4320
baratunde in the land of the giants
[img src=]4801
belize adventure
[img src=]4430
belize adventure
[img src=]4360
belize adventure
[img src=]4070
belize adventure
[img src=]4390
jungle passion
[img src=]4090
retirement sure looks good on you -baratunde
[img src=]3870
connecting with nature
[img src=]3780
connecting with nature
[img src=]4280
belizian art
[img src=]4250
at the market with neighbor olu from philly
[img src=]4490
kayah in the kitchen
[img src=]3980
kayah & guest prepare for adventure
[img src=]3930
kayah prepares to jump in the sea
[img src=]3530
kayah & baratunde snorkeling at the coral reef
[img src=]3730
kayah on the beach
[img src=]3510
kayah picks noni on a private island
[img src=]3920
kayah & baratunde at the seas
[img src=]3760
[img src=]3720
baratunde on the boardwalk that leads to the cabana
[img src=]3660
baratunde at the cabana
[img src=]3890
baratunde at the cabana in our jungle
[img src=]3800
baratunde proud of his new papayas
[img src=]4030
wish you were here

Guests & Friends

River Tubing


[img src=]691
getting ready for ziplining adventure
[img src=]530
never too old to try new things
[img src=]490
kayah prepares to blast-off
[img src=]500
at 61 years young bb guest salahuddin turns back the clock
[img src=]440
kayah learning the abc's of zip lining
[img src=]410
kayah ziplining through the jungle
[img src=]390
kayah takes another jungle ride
[img src=]360
another ziplining view of kayah
[img src=]370
this is exhilarating
[img src=]360
we spot a large iguana while ziplining
[img src=]420
baratunde with owner/operator of extreme adventures

Fun at the Local Pub

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